Nickel titanium endodontic file PROTAPER NEXT DENTSPLY International

Nickel titanium endodontic file PROTAPER NEXT DENTSPLY International

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The NEXT Generation of the endo gold standard ProTaper NEXT® is the newest innovation to the ProTaper® UNIVERSAL system, which has been the gold standard in endodontics for many years. It is an efficient solution for endo practitioners seeking a versatile, flexible system that will handle the vast majority of root canal treatments, even the most complex cases. The key evolutions of ProTaper NEXT are the swaggering movement of the file and the utilisation of our proprietary strengthened NiTi, M-Wire® technology. PROTAPER NEXT... ...covers more difficult clinical cases1 The unique swaggering movement and the greater flexibility of the ProTaper NEXT files make it possible to shape more severely curved narrow canals. ... brings improved safety1 The risk of file breakage is significantly decreased and respect of the original root canal anatomy is greatly improved. ...shortens the shaping time1 Requiring just two files for most cases2, the shorter clinical sequence means that less time is spent changing instruments. The high cutting efficiency also reduces the shaping time.
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