Neurostimulation lead MicroMacro Inomed Medizintechnik

Neurostimulation lead MicroMacro Inomed Medizintechnik

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The MicroMacro Electrodes from Inomed is built for electrophysiological determination of the anatomical target point during functional neurosurgery. The electrode is 300 mm in length and comes with a diameter of 0.8 mm. The inomed MacroElectrode is designed to identify the anatomical target point by selective test stimulation. The length of the active tip in the MacroElectrode is 1 mm. Stimulation with a MacroElectrode is comparable with stimulation with a DBS-electrode. The combined MicroMacroElectrode is used for single cell recording and comes with a tip that has a diameter of approximately 4 µm. The MicroMacro Electrode comes with a protection tube covering the micro tip to keep it sterile, also in the MicroMacro Electrode the distance between the micro tip and the MacroElectrode is fixed to 1 mm. The MicroMacro Electrode provides excellent signal noise ratio as the low electrode capacity allows a maximum of spike amplitudes to be recorded.
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