Needle destroyer BD-300A Shenzhen Bestman Instrument Co.,ltd

Needle destroyer BD-300A Shenzhen Bestman Instrument Co.,ltd

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The product has needle destroyer characteristics. Needle could be rapidly melted by means of the electric shock of low voltage. It offers a double super heating shield. Without pollution, excess fluid in the syringe could be rapidly boiled off. Electrical spark which is generated during melting is quite usual. At times of melting, the indicator light sparks, implying destruction of the needle. Around 1 to 3 seconds is taken for the whole process to be completed. Power has specifications measuring 110V±10%/220V±10%. High temperature with low pressure is the ideal condition for melting. It takes around 3 seconds for the device to melt 35 mm long syringes of ø1.2mm, with syringe body measuring 20 ml taken as reference. The working sound does not exceed 50 decibels. Working voltage of electrode chip is 6.5V and its temperature of superheating shield is 95. The device consumes ?130VA power.
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