Nasal irrigator (nasal lavage) / electric RinoShower Pic Solution

Nasal irrigator (nasal lavage) / electric RinoShower Pic Solution

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PiC's micronized nasal wash helps perform a physiological washing of the nasal cavities, other than being a precious therapeutic help. It can be connected to any device equipped with a compressor capable of supplying air flow. The combination of compressor and micronized nasal wash ensures the nebulization of particles whose size is suitable for the upper airways (more than 10 micron). Easy to connect: simply attach the tube supplied with the appliance to the side connector of the wash. The design of Rino Shower has been specially studied to make therapy more practical and efficient, minimizing the amounts of wasted drug. In addition, thanks to the practical double-user cone, Rino Shower can be used by adults and children alike. A simple click is enough to have two cones of different sizes. A single appliance for the entire family.
  • Power source:electric
  • Features:nasal irrigator
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