Multipurpose radiography flat panel detector 17 x 17 Cuattro Europe

Multipurpose radiography flat panel detector 17 x 17 Cuattro Europe
17 x 17

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A Smarter direction in Digital Radiography. When Cuattro set out to create a flat panel digital radiography solution that produces superior images at much lower X-ray dosages, we began with an expansive 17x17 inch Amorphous Silicon imaging area, a Cesium Iodide (CSi) scintillator, over 9 million ultra-sensitive yet small 143 micron wide pixels, a 16 grayscale system depth, and a super-fast new architecture. Then we married this new detector system with CloudDR’s industry leading multi-frequency image tuning and acquisition software. The results are as clear as the images. Better. Much better. Introducing the new Cuattro 17x17” premium flat panel digital radiography detector with Cesium Iodide (CSi) scintillator, for unrivaled dose efficiency across all patient populations. This highly sensitive system delivers clear, clean signals to CloudDR’s advanced software in 3.7 seconds, resulting in perfectly tuned images at X-ray dosage levels generally 50% lower than those from commonly used film-screen or computed radiography (CR) solutions. The generous 17 x 17 inch imaging area eliminates the need to rotate the detector, making this the ideal solution for rapidly capturing and displaying superior images in any environment and on any patient type.