Multi-function trolley / modular LOC600 Allibert Medical SAS

Multi-function trolley / modular LOC600 Allibert Medical SAS

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The modular design medication cart (Ref: LOC600) offers perfect solution for flexible storing options. The cart is designed for transport, storage and medication process offering an easy maneuver from the nurses preparation room to the patient, from the in-patient pharmacy to the nurse preparation room and then to the patient. The cart with 15 runners/slots capacity easily fits patient bins, individual pill-boxes trays or cassettes system as per daily or weekly medication system of each individual. The modular design of the medical cart combined with its accessories are aligned to satisfy the medication process rules. The secured laptop drawer box ensures electronic storage of patient's medical records. The cart is aluminium epoxy lacquered and measures 583x774x490 mm (HxWxD)
9 Avenue des Trois Fontaines,
Cergy Pontoise Cedex
CS 20503
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