Mortuary cooling unit UFSK-International, Hermann Scherrieble

Mortuary cooling unit UFSK-International, Hermann Scherrieble
UFSK-International, Hermann Scherrieble

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Built with an extra sturdy, ready-to-connect case, directly mountable on top of any of our refrigeration units. Low noise, completely hermetic sealed, air-cooled compressor. Thermostatic expansion valve, collector, dryer and safety features that are in accordance with all EN (DIN) standards, VDE regulations and VBG guidelines. All of our aggregates also include a high-capacity evaporator with automatic defrosting capability, a condensation water evaporation container, electrical temperature regulation and a digital temperature indicator with connection cable and safety plug (SCHUKO). Each cooling unit consists of: compressor condenser collector manometer terminal box pressure valve and suction valve Ambient Temperature +5°C to +45°C Temperature Range +10°C to -5°C
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