Modular multi-parameter monitor / transport iPM series Mindray

Modular multi-parameter monitor / transport iPM series Mindray
iPM series

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Mindray’s new iPM patient monitor series is built to fulfil all the everyday clinical needs, integrating consistently into the hospital workflow.In critical cases, where the patient needs acute care, the patient monitor must be speculative to operate easily and allow users to access the data, wherever and whenever needed. The device is portable, and can be carried easily. It offers dependable monitoring performance. It is lightweight, have standard design and speculative user interface. The iPM patient monitor is the ideal choice for acute care. It is having plug-and-play modular structure, its monitoring functions can be easily adjusted in accordance with the particular clinical requirements. With instinctive interface, it can be arranged according to the user modes. It is having easy to use functions which helps in saving the time and improving overall patient care. With the wired and wireless network connections of Mindray’s central monitoring system, the patient's data can be easily accessed from the nurse station or from any bedside monitor inside the network. eGataway and HL7 capabilities enables iPM to get connected to the HIS/CIS systems.

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