Modular multi-parameter monitor AnyView A5 Biolight Co.,Ltd

Modular multi-parameter monitor AnyView A5 Biolight Co.,Ltd
AnyView A5

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AnyView A5 Modular Patient Monitor uses independent linked broad display that houses emergent life parameters which can be transferred rapidly. The product comes with an all-in-one global-leading module with a built in battery and display. Its standard oximetry platform is the Masimo Rainbow. The device checks on the patient's pulse, CO-oximetry, PR, PI, SpO2, total hemoglobin, oxygen content, carboxyhemoglobin, pleth variability index, and methemoglobin. It uses Nellcor SpO2 as an option oximetry and also utilizes BLT digital SpO2 and a 12.1-inch color TFT LCD display. It features powerful measurement with an ergonomic, flexible design. It is intended to monitor physiological parameters like ECG, Resp, NIBP, IBP, SpO2, Temp, AG, CO2, and ICG continuously. The device improves the overall image of a health care unit, specifically in Coronary Care, Intensive Care, Neonatal Intensive Care, and Operating Rooms, as it distinguishes technological and scientific temperament. It comes with assortment modules that can be easily assembled and could save replacement costs. It also has automatic cooling down system keeping the monitor quiet during operations.
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