Mitral valve prosthesis Pericarbon More Mitral Sorin

Mitral valve prosthesis Pericarbon More Mitral Sorin
Pericarbon More Mitral

Sorin, known for their outstanding products brings detoxified and implant ready Pericarbon More Mitral. Proven double-sheet design helps avoid contact between synthetic material and pericardium. Sorin's exclusive Carbofilm coating enhances haemo-bio-compatibility. The robust and safe design provides adequate mechanical support. In addition to this, Pericarbon More Mitral has attractive features like compliant and soft sewing ring, anti-looping protection and low-profile scalloped stent. Stored in a aldehyde-free solution, this medical device facilitates exclusive detoxification treatment in order to reduce calcium intake.
  • Cardiovascular system :mitral
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