Microwave diathermy unit (physiotherapy) DiaCare 5000 Pro Globus Italia

Microwave diathermy unit (physiotherapy) DiaCare 5000 Pro Globus Italia
DiaCare 5000 Pro

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The Diacare 5000 Pro is used with an emission frequency of 480 KHz and works with a capacitive mode and resistive mod to work with therapeutic controls for the physician to utilize. This is made to handle treatments for bone tissues, ligaments, tendons and other tissues that might resist traditional electric currents. This is used for managing different treatment spots and works well for many muscles and tendons. This is made with regards to ease pains. The TFT touch screen comes with full color design and even uses a wireless remote control to make it run right. This uses a dual control system that features a touch screen and joypad. This is light in weight and easy to move around. It will also control the patient with four different kinds of electrodes and can work with the Diacare 5000 Pro setup to work with different types of electrodes in order to set up a strong sense of control for supporting the patient.
  • Type:microwave diathermy unit
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