Microwave diathermy unit (physiotherapy) DiaCare 3500 Globus Italia

Microwave diathermy unit (physiotherapy) DiaCare 3500 Globus Italia
DiaCare 3500

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Diacare 3500 Pro is a professional model of the Globus Diathermy line - Capacitive and Resistive Energy Transfer Heal your body using your internal energies and the natural selfregeneration mechanisms of tissues and muscles. This is the fundamental principle based on the new and revolutionary technique known as diathermy or TECARTHERAPY. TECARTHERAPY works in two different modes: capacitive mode and resistive mode. DiaCare 3500 can use either modes. Therefore, the biological effect can focus more effectively both on tissues with greater resistance (in other words tissues with less water concentration) and on low-resistance tissues. DiaCare 5000 works at a frequency of 470 KHz, up to a maximum power of 160 W AC 400 VA t.v.. CAPTRODE: mobile monopolar handpiece with three heads with different size and one counter electrode, for the capacitive mode. Supplied.
  • Type:microwave diathermy unit
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