Micromanipulator high-precision InjectMan® 4 Eppendorf AG

Micromanipulator high-precision InjectMan® 4 Eppendorf AG
InjectMan® 4

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The new InjectMan® 4 is ideal for microinjection into adherent cells, smaller organisms and embryos in the early stages of development. The combination of InjectMan 4, FemtoJet® 4i or 4x enables a fast, semi-automatic injection. Furthermore, the InjectMan 4 is the ideal micromanipulator for all complex applications that require a dynamic movement mode and direct control of the injection process via the joystick button. The axial injection movement ensures the optimal protection of sensitive cells and lowest possible mortality rate. The high advancing speed makes penetration in rigid structures easier than ever. Maximum stability and highest precision ensures accurate and drift-free work. The new user interface with four pre-defined application masks facilitates the individual workflow process (e.g. for adherent cell injection, serial microinjection into fish larvae, etc.). The freely programmable "My app" mask can be optimized for specific individual needs. Features Maximum stability ensures drift-free work Selection and programming of additional functions (e.g. axial movement, step injection) Ergonomically shaped control panel for fatigue-free work
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