Microinjection syringe / pre-filled BD Soluvia™ BD

Microinjection syringe / pre-filled BD Soluvia™ BD
BD Soluvia™

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BD Soluvia is a prefillable microinjection system integrated with a tiny BD microneedle that allows a drug or vaccine to be accurately delivered intradermally. It has been proven to offer a simple, reliable delivery method. The dermal layer contains a dense network of lymphatic vessels feeding local lymph nodes, resulting in rapid and efficient therapeutic response. It contains a high concentration of potent immune cells that play a key role to initiate the immune response following vaccination. BD independentally conducted clinical trials involving more than 700 subjects and 3500 injections with BD Soluvia, demonstrating that the system was safe and easy to use. Clinical testing showed that the BD Microneedle is barely perceptible when it enters the skin and ensures the administration of the injected solution to the dermal layer irrespective of the subject’s age, gender, ethnicity and body mass.
  • Type:microinjection
  • Options:pre-filled
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