Mercury sphygmomanometer / desk 0 - 300 mmHg | Mercurex® Spengler SAS

Mercury sphygmomanometer / desk 0 - 300 mmHg | Mercurex® Spengler SAS
0 - 300 mmHg | Mercurex®

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MERCUREX® metal box frame is constructed in powdered aluminum, equipped with one-piece mercury holder. The mercury tank has safety tap (open/close) which ensures no mercury leaks between the tube and the tank when in mobile condition or in use, markings can be read easily from any angle. The cuff is composed of washable nylon fabric at 30-40°C, has velcro fastener used only for adult, calibrated cuff (size range/artery/index markings) enables exact positioning to arm circumference. Besides having bladder, it uses dual tube technology for ideal linear inflation and deflation, PVC bladder is highly resistant which is adjusted to the arm circumference for precise results, standard model has inflation bulb designed with volume and shape for any handling, air release valve can control accurate and constant deflation.
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