Medical washer-disinfector / with automatic door Vision 1321/1327 STERIS

Medical washer-disinfector / with automatic door Vision 1321/1327 STERIS
Vision 1321/1327

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Vision 1321/1327, is Cart and Utensil Washer/Disinfector highlighting higher production and greater intuitiveness. With an exceptional cycle speed of 10 minutes, it can process more number of carts in less time, providing guaranteed thermal disinfection. The device incorporates optimized drying system that permits it to consume less time for drying. Instrument cycle package which is optional, offers an alternative for reprocessing equipment trays as well as loaner sets. The easy-to-operate control panel, equipped with single-touch icon buttons accounts for easy cycle selection with cycle phase and time visible across the room. The Vision 1321/1327 features excellent record keeping capabilities. It incorporates smart technology that enables automatic sliding glass doors to be easily operable. Additional useful features include Integrated cycle printer and USB port to download cycle records.
  • Options and accessories:with automatic door
  • Application:medical
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