Medical ultrasonic bath / stainless steel US 80 Steelco

Medical ultrasonic bath / stainless steel US 80 Steelco
US 80

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The Steelco US 80 unit can clean micro surgery tools with the patented Steelco Active Flushing Technology system. This mixes decrusting functions with sturdy ultrasonic materials to keep everything ready to work. This can link to instruments with luer locks but non-ported items may also link up to the US 80 unit by using injection sleeves. This may work with 20 connections or sleeves at a time and can handle silicone seals on many units. This uses a pump to get chemicals out right and has an LCD control panel. An RS 232 port is used to make it easier for this to link to a printer. The USB port also helps with getting cycle data downloaded with ease.
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