Medical ultrasonic bath / high-capacity US 200 Steelco

Medical ultrasonic bath / high-capacity US 200 Steelco
US 200

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This Ultrasonic Cleaning System combines a stainless steel cleaning tank with industrial style transducers and a powerful ultrasonic generator to provide the strongest tabletop cleaning available. It gives the speed and effectiveness of ultrasonic cleaning power with the convenience of plug-in-anywhere operation. A DIN tray basket support and cover are included in the base unit. It meets CSA and UL requirements. The large capacity of this model assures consistently tested and efficient washing performances reaching, at the same time, increasing reprocessing needs. Critical process parameters such as temperature, ultrasonic power and time are monitored granting the compliance to the international standards and can be recorded.
  • Applications:medical
  • Options:high-capacity
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