Medical thermosealer / belt MELAseal 100+ MELAG

Medical thermosealer / belt MELAseal 100+ MELAG
MELAseal 100+

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The easy to use MELAseal 100+ seals bags efficiently and reliably. The unit preheats in two minutes and seals continuously with a seam of 10 mm. The EN 868-5 needs a minimum width of 6 mm for sealing. Optical and acoustic signals indicate when there is a deviation in sealing time and temperature. An infinitely variable thermostat allows you to use packages from other manufacturers. While the sealing process is ongoing, bags can be cut from a roll, such as the MELAfol, and can be programmed to be cut whatever length you want using an integrated cutting device. This procedure allows each sealed bag to be processed more cheaply than with ready-cut foil bags.
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