Medical sterilizer / ethylene oxide / low-temperature Getinge Infection Control

Medical sterilizer / ethylene oxide / low-temperature Getinge Infection Control
Getinge Infection Control

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The chamber of the product is rectangle shaped and made of stainless steel. Device contains sliding doors which facilitates smooth unloading and loading with an exceptional RAT loading system without any movable parts inside the chamber. It also contains different process controls and SCADA systems. It is designed ATEX-compliant while certification is provided on request. The device is integrated with emission control systems as well as with warehouse and logistics management systems. The instrument has wide compatibility range with substances utilized in production of healthcare instruments. As an option, ethylene oxide can be used as sterilant in spite of being toxic and flammable. Rather than using safe mixture, 100 percent ethylene oxide is utilized to ensure large production but restricted emissions by constant regulatory pressure needs advanced process systems as well as exclusive sterilization system provider experienced for this specific application. Getinge is leading supplier of ethylene oxide sterilization systems in world and supports clients by wide spread service and sales network present globally.
  • Sterilization procedure:ethylene oxide
  • Application domain:medical
Ekebergs Vagen, 26
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