Medical computer workstation / for endoscopy Endodigi ECLERIS

Medical computer workstation / for endoscopy Endodigi ECLERIS

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The ENDODIGI equipment is a capturing system for images, video and sound, specially designed to be used in surgical procedures and at the doctor’s office. It is a small, portable system that can be used with a laptop or desktop computer using Windows through USB2-type port connections, which guarantees mobility and flexibility. The equipment is controlled through an innovative hands-free system including a footswitch that allows the physician to capture images without touching the computer keyboard. The user-friendly software, easy to install and use, allows the physician to have a wide digital high-resolution and quality image bank, digital videos and sounds (voice in the case of ENT), which can be digitally stored in the computer. An unlimited number of images can be filed in personal folders per patient. These images can later be processed, filed, digitally sent or printed in clear and elegant reports. It is also possible to file an unlimited number of digital videos in personal folders which can later be edited to cut off the undesired parts and reduce revision-times and disk space used. Videos can afterwards be revised in a frame-by-frame mode. Also digital images can be taken from the video and recorded in the patient’s file. The system incorporates a screen that allows comparing different images from the same or different patients. It also has a 10-space sound file of 30 seconds each per patient, in order to record patient’s voice with phonation disorders allowing to follow-up their evolution throughout time.
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