Medical computer cart CT Anthro Corporation

Medical computer cart CT Anthro Corporation

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Radiology CT Cart CT Cart can easily hold largest, heaviest monitors. One can even put a complete imaging configuration, a large diagnostic display up to 60 lbs on CT Cart to generate a mobile imaging station which travels all through the facility. With the widest height range of all Anthro’s carts, the CT Cart adjusts from 32.5”to 48.5” in height on a strong pneumatic cylinder that moves smoothly and effortlessly. The lever can be compressed to set the cart to the desired height. The cart is very compact of just 27 square. It perfectly fits into the OR and patient treatment rooms comfortably. There are two versions available: - The Light Load is balanced to lift 35-50 lbs - The Heavy Load is balanced to lift 50-95 lbs. Each cart holds a total of 150 lbs.
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