Medical autoclave / high-capacity GEV TS Getinge Infection Control

Medical autoclave / high-capacity GEV TS Getinge Infection Control

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The GEV TS series developed by Getinge is used for an effective sterilization. The system is a result of vast experiences in thermal sterilization for various components such as medical devices, various kinds of ophthalmic and parenteral products. Very effective product sterilization with gentle effect can be achieved at an economical cost. During heating, the sealed containers generate internal pressure which is regarded crucial for easy robust plastic packaging, prefilled syringes etc. The system makes use of sterile compressed air for balancing the pressure in the autoclave. Even the most delicate products are sterilized. The device assures a unifrom heating, smooth production flow for sterilization of dry and coll products as well. numerous customization as per need of the customers with purpose-built handling systems for logistics
  • Application domain:medical
  • Configuration:high-capacity
Ekebergs Vagen, 26
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