Medical autoclave / compact / with fractionated vacuum Cliniklav 25 MELAG

Medical autoclave / compact / with fractionated vacuum Cliniklav 25 MELAG
Cliniklav 25

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Being high powered, the product is consistent for hospitals and large practices. Private units which carry out operations require sterilizers. Cliniklav 25 has been catering to these private practices on account of its low energy consumption, simplicity, high dependability and flexibility. This product enables an amalgamation of very compact external dimensions with an extremely big interior space. Besides being delivered with a practical floor unit, a desk top device is also used as a form of delivery of the device. A secured planning in order to facilitate a trouble-free procedure for the operating room is a pre-requisite for the decision on a quality autoclave. At every cost, postponement of interventions should be prevented. For several years, the device has been proving its worth across numerous hospitals and practices across the globe. The validation of this equipment conforms to its compliance with EN 285, on account of its operation with a fractional pre-vacuum. The product can sterilize up to 7 kg of textiles and other porous commodities and up to 15 kg of instruments, irrespective of being unwrapped or wrapped.
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