Medical autoclave / bench-top S18 NAMROL

Medical autoclave / bench-top S18 NAMROL

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Cycles at 121 ° C, 134 ° C and Prion cycle. Provided with vacuum test, Bowie & Dick Test and Test Helix. Includes informative graphic display that indicates all functions, underway processes, troubleshooting and maintenance to be performed. Two 4-liter tanks each, for used and clean water. By Aquafilter (optional) it is possible to connect to the water network. Serial Printer built, with the possibility of the cycle written removal report and memory storage. Five sterilization cycles: 2 at 121 ° C and 2 at 134 ° C for wrapped and unwrapped items, plus Prion cycle. Vacuum pump before and after the sterilization cycle. Rapid cycle without the drying phase. Pump for automatic distilled water loading and two separate tanks, one for water and one for the used distilled water. New generation serial printer offers the possibility of eliminating the printed report cycle.
  • Configuration:bench-top
  • Application domain:medical