Mechanical pipette / variable volume 0,1 - 2,5 ?l | PS00001 Cypress Diagnostics

Mechanical pipette / variable volume 0,1 - 2,5 ?l | PS00001 Cypress Diagnostics
0,1 - 2,5 ?l | PS00001

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The CYANPipettes line was our fi rst step into providing precision equipment for laboratories around the world. As liquid handling forms the input for many diagnoses, we all must conclude that precision in pipetting is one of the most important factors in achieving a higher level of quality. This reasoning pushed us to create a new range of pipettes priced to be available for all labs and to provide the precision and accuracy to satisfy the most stringent requirements. Technical background: The CYANPipettes are piston-driven air displacement pipettes. Piston-driven air displacement pipettes are the most accurate and precise pipettes. Quality: All CYANPipettes have been quality tested according to ISO 8655/DIN 12650. The quality control according to ISO 8655/ DIN 12650 involves gravimetric testing of each pipette with distilled water (quality 3, DIN ISO 3696) at 22°C using the manufacturers original tips (CYANTips). Contents of the packages: Pipette Performance certifi cate according to DIN E-12650-7 Calibration/opening tool Grease Instructions for use Pipette holder
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