Mechanical baby scale / beam 16 kg | seca 745 seca

Mechanical baby scale / beam 16 kg | seca 745 seca
16 kg | seca 745

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The SECA 745 mechanical baby scale has a weighing capacity of up to 16 kg. The 550x180x290mm basket is gently curved in a manner that keeps the baby safe during the weighing process. The sliding weights make precise measurements easy to determine. The scale features a reset function that puts the scale back to zero. This zero-reset feature allows the weight of cloth padding or a diaper to be deducted from the total weight after the baby is placed in the basket. The sliding weights will then accurately indicate the true weight of the baby. The finish on this baby scale is both impact and scratch resistant, ensuring a long service life.
  • Display type:beam
  • Technology:mechanical
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