Mammography cushion MAMMOPAD® Hologic

Mammography cushion MAMMOPAD® Hologic

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Better Mammography, Better Business Providing MammoPad® breast cushions as the standard of care for your patients speaks highly of your commitment to patient care and comfort, and can help you increase patient satisfaction, loyalty, and volume, as well as revenues. Being a "Softer Mammogram Provider" gives you the opportunity to increase volume by encouraging women who avoid or delay their mammograms due to fear of discomfort to get one, and by differentiating your "softer" mammography services from your competitors. Using MammoPad breast cushions during a digital mammogram creates a "high-tech, soft-touch" experience for patients. This unique combination ensures your patients have the most compassionate care possible and confident clinical results. These messages will resonate with the women in your community as well as with referring physicians. Facilities that provide MammoPad breast cushions as a standard of care are eligible to become a member of the exclusive MammoPad® Select Customer Program. Through this program, we recognize the commitment imaging centers make to improve the mammogram experience, and in return, we are committed to helping you grow your business and spread the word about the Softer Mammogram™ and the importance of early detection of breast cancer.
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