Magnifying loupe Prismatic INTEGRA

Magnifying loupe Prismatic INTEGRA

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The Prismatic Loupes is an ideal device for surgeons requiring higher magnifications for critical surgical procedures with its 3.5x, 4.5x, or 5.5x Magnification The Prismatic system's lenses are treated with an anti-reflective coating to aid in producing this superior image since higher the magnifications lower the area or field of view. The prismatic optical system produces superior quality image with crisp edge-to-edge clarity and precise color rendition ideal for intricate surgeries. The adjustable Surgical Loupes are easy to fit and simplify customization procedure according to a minor movement of the loupe body. They have neither time-consuming multiple fittings nor do they require any intrusive Pupillary Distance (PD) measurements. The frames can be fitted with prescription lenses and adjusted to fit the surgeon's PD on the spot. If more than one set of loupes is required for different procedures or operating positions (such as sitting or standing), the surgeon does not need only buy another costly set of prescription lenses and frames as one set of frames comes with a second set of detachable loupes.
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