Macerator medical waste 80 °C | FLY CUTTER Steelco

Macerator medical waste 80 °C | FLY CUTTER Steelco

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The Steelco FLY CUTTER provides a unique solution to the problem of the safe disposal of contaminated drainage bags. The bags and cut, washed, and then thermally disinfected by the unit. After they have been processed they can then safely be disposed of as normal waste. Thermal disinfection involves subjecting the bags to steam at a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius for one minute. Drainage bags are placed in a special support in the machine prior to being washed and disinfected. The operator only needs to touch the lid of the machine and the control panel. The compact size of this unit allows it to be placed in locations that will minimize the handling and transporting distance of the contaminated bags.
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