Lumbar interbody fusion cage / transforaminal / posterior TM Ardis™ Zimmer

Lumbar interbody fusion cage / transforaminal / posterior TM Ardis™ Zimmer
TM Ardis™

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The TM Ardis implant is a single device manufactured wholly from Trabecular Metal™ (porous tantalum) material, a highly porous, three-dimensional biomaterial designed for biologic fixation. The TM Ardis implant is a convex, straight TLIF or PLIF device for interbody fusion of the anterior column of the spine. This interbody fusion system offers the benefits of Trabecular Metal™ Technology with a modern, anatomical shape. The easily inserted TM Ardis Interbody System facilitates an efficient, reproducible spinal fusion procedure with a self-distracting nose, convex geometry and wide range of sizes. The unique interbody system is designed for versatility it can be used in a variety of open or MIS surgical applications. This system is made from the only material that offers up to 80% porosity, stability, and flexibility - Trabecular Metal Technology. This interbody fusion device offers an osteoconductive scaffold which allows for boney in-growth into the material of the implant, a high coefficient of friction to help prevent migration and expulsion, and a low modulus of elasticity allowing for more normal load transfer. Features Enables boney in-growth Serves as an osteoconductive scaffold for bone growth into the material of the implant and vascularization Provides initial stability A high coefficient of friction helps prevent device migration and expulsion Delivers load sharing characteristics similar to bone A modulus of elasticity similar to cancellous bone improves load sharing which has the potential to minimize stress shielding
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