Lower limb exerciser 25620 - Ergoform FYSIOMED NV-SA

Lower limb exerciser 25620 - Ergoform FYSIOMED NV-SA
25620 - Ergoform

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High quality quadriceps exercise bench designed for intensive use by professionnals. The Ergoform offers various rehabilitation techniques such as: extension: dynamic in sitting or in prone position, static: sitting flexion: dynamic in sitting or in prone position flexion-extension : recovery of amplitude, passive mobilisation/posture Features simple and accurate settings backrest adjustable in depth and precise pull down of the back rest until 180° by means of a gas strut and quick release handle swinging arm adjustable in height and depth according to the stature of the patient easy and precise selection and reading of the amplitude of flexion and extension by magnetic stops on the calibrated compass indexed every 15 degrees breathing hole and plug for prone position removable cervical and lumbar cushions long lateral handgrips long handle to assist the movement double reinforced straps for fixation of the thighs special handholds on the frame for prone position adjustable foot for stability on uneven floors delivered complete with simple and double tibial support allowing movement by one leg or with assistance of the second leg very strong frame with storage for 18 kgs of weights delivered with the unit (6 x 2 kg, 4 x 1 kg, 4 x 0,5 kg) the quadriceps exercise bench Ergoform 25620 is standard equipped with round sized simple and double tibial supports
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