Light guide Ø7.5mm | OPALESCENT Satelec

Light guide Ø7.5mm | OPALESCENT Satelec

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Description Mini L.E.D.™ Opalescent Multi-fibered Ø 7,5 mm LIGHT GUIDE Power and working depth: 1250 mW/cm² over a surface of approx. 1/2 cm² at a 4mm distance. Ref. F02648 Clinical applications This light guide has been designed to reduce ray divergence, in other words to concetrate the energy of the deep rays. It enables a reduction of the working surface, but sustains the lamp?s power, thus allowing efficient polymerization of composite over 5mm thick. This tip is ideal for use on substantial stratifications and allows the dentist to work in comfort, thanks to the tip?s opalescent surface. It is recommended for: - filling over 4mm thick; - rear brackets; - rear bondings of indirect reconstitutions (inlay cores, etc.); -substantial reconstitutions in general. Compatible with all the devices except the Autofocus