Light guide Ø5.5 mm Satelec

Light guide Ø5.5 mm Satelec
Ø5.5 mm

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Description Mini L.E.D.™ Opalescent Multi-fibered Ø 5,5 mm LIGHT GUIDE Maintains power without the slightest dazzle: 2000 mW/cm² over an area of about 1/4 cm². Ref. F02652 Clinical applications This light guide, specifically intended for lingual orthodontics or rear brackets, provides the user with a quality light guide when optimal needs to be maintained in places where the contrast between the light abd back of the mouth can prove awkward. Less divergent than the mono-fibered version but just as powerful, it retains its main characteristics but adds to them: - lingual orthodontics; - inter-proximal composites; - cervical composites on premolar and molar areas. Compatible with all the devices except the Autofocus