Laryngoscope fiberscope ENT-4500 Vision Sciences

Laryngoscope fiberscope ENT-4500 Vision Sciences

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The ENT-4500 Portable Flexible Laryngoscope from Vision-Sciences combines state-of-the-art image quality with the portability of a battery powered light source. The ENT-4500 features a distal tip diameter of 2.4mm, an overall working length of 300mm, and exceptional angulation of 140 degrees in both directions, all of which allow for complete access to the pharyngeal and laryngeal anatomy. Compatible with both the BLS-1000 Battery Powered LED Light Source and conventional fiberoptic light sources, the ENT-4500 is designed to add versatility and flexibility to any ENT practice. The ENT-4500 is fully compatible with the sterile, disposable EndoSheath® Technology. High Performance Flexible Laryngoscope High Quality Fiberoptic Imaging Small diameter insertion tube Fully Compatible with Endoscopic Peripherals Eliminate Exposure to Toxic Chemicals for Scope, Patients and Staff with EndoSheath® Technology
  • Type of endoscope:laryngoscope