Laryngoscope fiberscope ENT-4000 Vision Sciences

Laryngoscope fiberscope ENT-4000 Vision Sciences

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The ENT-4000 Laryngoscope is the newest flexible fiberoptic laryngoscope designed for use with the EndoSheath® Technology. The EndoSheath® Technology provides a durable, protective barrier isolating the endoscope from any patient contact during a procedure. The ENT-4000 features high quality fiberoptic imaging and a small diameter insertion tube for maximum patient comfort.The ENT-4000 is an ideal fiberoptic laryngoscope that is ultra portable, versatile, and always ready. The compact size of the overall system makes it perfect for bedside procedures and any size practice or hospital space. High Performance Flexible Laryngoscope High Quality Fiberoptic Imaging Lower Capital and Service Costs Fully Compatible with Endoscopic Peripherals Eliminate Exposure to Toxic Chemicals for Scope, Patients and Staff with EndoSheath® Technology
  • Type of endoscope:laryngoscope