Laryngeal mask / PVC AEROtube® HUM

Laryngeal mask / PVC AEROtube® HUM

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The AEROtube® - laryngeal masks are designed to effectively protect the air ways of patients with spontaneous breathing or positive pressure breathing. These single use or disposable masks are best used for patients that are currently on anesthesia, intensive care or emergency medical aid. The AEROtube® - Laryngeal masks features a 15 mm connector (according DIN 5356-1 for a fast connection of ventilation units), a marking (fast reading of size, body-weight, cuff volume and correct positioning), a transparent tube (clear medical PVC makes it possible to control on vomit, blood and secretion), a soft cuff (safe and gentle application for the patient) and a pilot balloon (controll of inner cuff pressure). Furthermore, the masks are also available in 7 colour coded sizes for easy and fast identification of each different sizes, and are stored in single and sterile packaging for the fast application at intensive care and emergency medical aid.
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