Laparoscopic clamp forceps Snowden-Pencer® CareFusion

Laparoscopic clamp forceps Snowden-Pencer® CareFusion

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Snowden-Pencer single-piece laparoscopic instruments assures superior performance with versatility, ergonomics and dependability. The Snowden-Pencer ring handle boasts a design that decreases the amount of stress on hands and minimizes temporary digital nerve compression by distributing the pressure evenly. The device is designed to deliver versatility. The ring handle enables a perfect grip; the thumb ridges enhance efficiency and ease holding. The enlarged 360 degree rotation knob provides easy access to the forefinger. Snowden-Pencer single-piece ring-handle instruments with the needle holder, surgical clamps and graspers all come with a service warranty of 3 years, and any manufacturing defects assures a whole lifetime warranty.
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