Lamp 15 000 - 27 000 lux MIDMARK

Lamp 15 000 - 27 000 lux MIDMARK
15 000 - 27 000 lux

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Midmark, known for their superior-quality products and excel in terms of being reliable and durable brings Wall and Cabinet Mounted Dental Lights that highlight a post bearing, maximizing head clearance in operatory. Each and every pivot has been developed and tested afterwards for delivering long life, easy and smooth positioning. Equipped with state-of-the-art lighting design it characterizes integrated PC board that keeps track of voltage ensuring touchpad controls, LED intensity read outs and color corrected brightness. The system delivers reduced, true shadow white-light that an individual require to satisfactorily identify shades. Customizable characteristics simplify usage of light, while reducing fatigue, motion and time. Ergonomic design provides complete control with twist, tilt and pulls options, as well as simple access to touch-pad. Tension adjustments and Anti-friction bearings enable individuals to set motion and tension tailored to meet their specific requirements. The Touchpad control provides three intensity adjustments along with a composite safe setting in order to prevent premature curing. Individuals can easily set the automatic-motion controlled on/off function on the touch-pad with help of a simple touch of one button.
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