Laboratory water purifier 12 l/h | CYANPure Cypress Diagnostics

Laboratory water purifier 12 l/h | CYANPure Cypress Diagnostics
12 l/h | CYANPure

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The CYANPure is a state-of-the-art pure water system, designed for the purifi cation of tap water. It produces sterile fi ltered pure water (ASTM type II) that is free of particles, salts and organic compounds. Pure water is used for rinsing laboratory glassware, preparing and diluting buff ers, reagents, tissue cultures as well as dyes and sample preparation for analytical methods. The CYANPure is a full set including: A pre-treatment module with particle fi lter The main module with reverse osmosis cartridge, UV lamp, ion exchange cartrige and sterilizing fi lter 30 l Storage tank The CYANPure system can be connected to the tap water system. Prior to fl owing into the system, the tap water is fi ltered in a pre-treatment module, hereby removing the gross particles from the water. The pre-fi ltered tap water then fl ows into the core of the CYANPure system and passes the reverse osmosis cartridge, which retains all salts dissolved in the incoming water. After this purifi cation step, the UV lamp inactivates and kills micro-organism, while the ion exchange cartridge removes the remaining ions from the water. The special conductivity measuring cell and temperature probe, included in the CYANPure system, permanently monitors the conductivity and temperature of the pure water. These values are also shown on the display.
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