Laboratory water purification system / electrodeionization Milli-DI Merck Millipore

Laboratory water purification system / electrodeionization Milli-DI Merck Millipore

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An Ideal System for Standard Laboratory Needs The Milli-DI system is a compact and easy-to-use water purification system that instantly provides deionized water (resistivity >1 M?·cm) directly from tap water. Suitable for users requiring low volumes of purified water, 3 to 5 L/day, this battery-powered system comes with everything needed for easy installation in the lab (includes tubing for ½" tap fitting). Operation and maintenance of the Milli-DI system is simple; a green LED light indicates good water quality, and a red LED light indicates that the DI-PAK purification pack needs to be replaced. Designed for quick exchange, the DI-PAK purification pack can be easily snapped in and out in seconds without risk of leakage. The pack contains 2.3 L of ion-exchange resin, and can purify 300 L of feedwater (400 µS/cm and 0 ppm of CO2). Benefits Compact and easy-to-use Easy maintenance – purification packs can be changed in seconds Economical; low investment Simple installation Optional 0.22 µm filter produces bacteria-free water Applications Standard chemical applications Preparation of buffers and reagents Preparation of microbiological culture media Features Battery-powered with no need for electric outlet Built-in resistivity meter for easy control of water quality Complete purification sequence (removal of ions, bacteria and organics)
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