Laboratory refrigerator / cabinet / 2-door HP Series ESCO

Laboratory refrigerator / cabinet / 2-door HP Series ESCO
HP Series

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ESCO HP Series refrigerators and freezers are designed for laboratory use offering superior product protection with long term reliability and exceptional product quality. When superior levels of cold storage performance, reliability, and flexibility are needed, the ESCO HP series of Laboratory Refrigerators and Freezers is the best choiceit provides a high performance protection for your precious samples! We have superior featuresForced air design and Intelligent Automatic Defrost! Forced air design: Superior forced air design instead of regular cold wall, for both refrigerator and freezer. Rapid cool-down and very fast recovery due to fan assistant. Fast temperature equilibration; superior sample protection! Intelligent Automatic defrost for additional sample protection High performance unit uses intelligent defrost to maximize sample protection; Computer has thermocouple on the evaporator - Detects ice formation; - Defrosts only when needed to keep units at optimum performance - Keeps chamber temperature within safe limits; - No sample risk when cold wall freezer must be defrosted Other features including door lock, which provides additional security for expensive samples and reagents from unauthorized users; Esco ISOCIDE™ external surfaces, to eliminate 99.9% of surface bacteria within 24 hours of exposure and ensure environment friendly; high quality stainless steel interior for sample protection; internal LED lighting save up 70% power with less heat exposure than fluorescent or incandescent lighting; and provide standard wheel/casters as well, for easy location or movement.
  • Number of doors:2-door
  • Configuration:cabinet
  • Applications:laboratory
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