Laboratory pH meter / bench-top ProLab 3000 SI Analytics

Laboratory pH meter / bench-top ProLab 3000 SI Analytics
ProLab 3000

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· The first pH-meter with integrated PC- Operate it like ”Windows“ The menu structure which is similar to “Windows” can be operated just like a PC via the menu keys on the instrument or by using the mouse, which is part of the delivery scope. A keyboard can be used can be used at the same time, as the USB (host) interface can be extended by a hub. · Measuring: pH, mV and ISE in high precision Two galvanically separated channels with a precision of 0.01pH or 0.1 mV allow simultaneous measurement on the highest level. The two pH/mV/ISE electrodes even work inside the same vessel without affecting the other – with SI Analytics ID electrodes thanks to automatic ID recognition without confusion. In addition to that every channel provides a difference measurement to a reference value. ISE measurement can be performed with different methods such as addition /subtraction procedures. · Recorder function Displays measuring values against time. Scalable coordination axes and selectable parameters. Numerical display of measuring values via mouse click (time, date, measuring value, temperature).