Laboratory microscope / optical / binocular / LED BMS 037 Pro Breukhoven

Laboratory microscope / optical / binocular / LED BMS 037 Pro Breukhoven
BMS 037 Pro

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The new BMS 037 LED Pro is an ideal starter microscope for demanding hobbyists. The microscope's stability is optimized by the robust stand's and bases' construction. Because of its cleverly placed handle in the stand the BMS 037 LED Pro will move effortlessly wherever you need it to be. The enhanced LED illumination combines the advantages of an incident light type with a transmission type to a handy combined microscope. The transmitted and incident light are separately operable and are adjustable by a dimmer. Furthermore, the transmitted light is also performed by a height adjustable Abbe spiral condenser with iris diaphragm. This allows the instrument to have not only the usual 4x, 10x and 40x objective but also the 100x oil immersion objective. With the 10x wide field eyepiece comes a magnifications range between 40x and 1000x. The microscope has a 360º rotatable binocular viewing, coaxial coarse and fine focusing drive and a mechanical stage which has ergonomic arranged coaxial controls for easy handling. This BMS 037 LED Pro may be a starter microscope but its optics are far better than you might expect from its low price. It is a very good value that will let you observe a hidden realm of detail and structure within everyday objects that is totally invisible to the unaided eye. Specifications:
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