Laboratory glassware washer Steelco Re-capper Steelco

Laboratory glassware washer Steelco Re-capper Steelco
Steelco Re-capper

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The Steelco Recapper works to automatically put the cap on a feeding bottle. I can come as a single unit, or it can be connected to a bottle line that is already there. There are five phase cycles, which are cap loading, bottle crates loading, bottle filling, recapping, and crates unloading. This machine can fill and recap an entire bottle crate of 18 bottles in just one minute; plus, it can be mixed with various types of washing devices, meaning that hospital staff do not need to monitor it. This device is made out of AISI 304 stainless steel, and a touch-screen display. It has a width of 2700 mm, a depth of 760 mm, and a height of 1900 mm.
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