Laboratory filter / non-sterile / syringe 33 mm Merck Millipore

Laboratory filter / non-sterile / syringe 33 mm Merck Millipore
33 mm

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Non- sterile Millex filter units now come equipped with larger housing, which measures 33 mm, with Millipore Express PLUS (PES), Durapore (PVDF) and nylon membranes. These filters boast quicker flow rates due to a larger filter surface area. Solutions can be filtered easier because the amount of pressure needed to empty the syringe is significantly less. Though the membrane area is larger, the hold up volume after the air has been purged is reduced to 80 µL, which is a 20 percent decrease from 25 mm Millex filters. These filters can hold a maximum pressure of up to 8.6 bar (125 psi). This enables you to filter solutions more quickly than you could before. These Millex filter sets come with three membranes to allow twice the throughput.
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