Laboratory bioreactor LR-2.ST Package 2 IKA

Laboratory bioreactor LR-2.ST Package 2 IKA
LR-2.ST Package 2

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The device, LR-2.ST is a modular laboratory reactor that is helpful to optimize and simulate several chemical reactions and is also applicable for the mixing and homogenizing the processes in a laboratory scale. The modular laboratory contains a stand system, a laboratory stirring unit with EUROSTAR power control-visc P7 with a high torque, an anchor stirrer LR 2000.11 with the flow borings, safety shutdown and a reactor cover. A dispersing unit (ULTRA-TURRAX®), temperature sensors, flow breakers and other equipment can be installed with the reactor cover. The device is very applicable for the vacuum operations. The seals of the product are made of the perfluoroelastomer (FFPM) which is solvent-resp. temperature resistant. The speed is adjustable. As for the measurement of viscosity changes, the display is done by integrated torque trend. There are microprocessors to control the speed of the set and to make it constant, even under load.

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