Iriscope (ophthalmic examination) MEDL4R Dino-Lite Europe

Iriscope (ophthalmic examination) MEDL4R Dino-Lite Europe

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The Dino-Lite IriScope is handy, easy to use and a valuable tool for every medical practice. You can make razor-sharp images of the Iris with the magnification of 10-20 times that allows you to see details that can hardly be seen by the naked eye. Cases of irritation, dirt, insect or unknown object in the eye can be detected with the aid of the IriScope and allow the right diagnosis for further treatment. IriScope pictures can have a resolution of up to 1,3 megapixel and the specially designed front cap can be placed on the eye socket to get the right distance for a perfect picture. The IriScope has its own built-in LED?s met two different colours, white and yellow. The yellow LED?s serve to allow images of darker irises. The LED?s are powered by the direct USB connection which makes batteries superfluous and the IriScope always ready for action. High mobility A big advantage of the IriScope device is that patient and practitioner can look at the screen together, be it a regular computer screen, laptop or Windows tablet. This shows the high mobility of the Dino-Lite IriScope. It goes without saying that the images and video can be stored on any digital media. They can also be stored in a patient file to document the complaint or complaints over time. Obviously the IriScope is certified according to Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC, modified 2007/47/EC. The Dino-Lite IriScope is supplied with dedicated software for Windows and MacOS.
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