iNtuition iShare - Image Sharing Solution

iNtuition iShare - Image Sharing Solution

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Image sharing doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive. Our iNtuition iShare solution can provide a simple and effective way to eliminate CD’s for data importation and it can even allow outside clinicians to securely access and download them. Those are the basics. When you are ready, you can accelerate patient care even further by deploying our advanced sharing solutions. By adding iNteract+ interoperability, we can achieve secure physician-to-physician sharing. Your clinicians and file clerks will be especially impressed to find that a fully featured iEMV viewing capability is included as standard, and that images can be pushed through to compatible PACS or VNAs on command. Images and information can now be shared quickly, securely and directly by the people who need them most. Cloud sharing can be slow when images have to be moved in and out of them. It’s highly bandwidth-dependent. To address this, we deploy the iShare system within your data center, and you can provide access via the internet. This offers your physicians the convenience of cloud accessibility and the performance of a locally-hosted system.

iNteract+ Medical Image-Sharing Solution

Easy upload. Images can be imported by the iUploader for viewing directly from within the sharing portal
Flexible content. Information including reports and non-DICOM images can be supported
Simple start. iShare is first deployed as a simple CD-elimination system, but it can expand to other sharing scenarios to avoid any need for CD’s.
Content rich. The system imports, shares and exports clinical content associated with the images and can display both from within the sharing portal.
Notify others. iNteract+ informs external and internal physicians about the availability of images.
RIS integration. Allows easier association of external images with internal patients.
Reduced cost. Often, the total cost of sharing studies is higher than you think.

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