iNtuition iReview - Overlay PACS Viewing

iNtuition iReview - Overlay PACS Viewing

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We can work across many PACS systems. No matter the size of your organization, iNtuition iReview can help you look across your imaging archives and create a unified interpretation view that’s made just for you. The configurable display protocols and user preferences help to ensure that you remain in your comfort zone. Your workflow can be driven by one of many 3rd party worklists, or your RIS, unless you prefer to use the study list we provide with the system. Your images are quickly accessed and viewed no matter where they are stored, even when they are in different archives. We accomplish this utilizing modern DICOM standards-based communications to ensure you are free to engage new data sources as you please. With an Overlay PACS™, these images can appear in a single timeline, with a single reading experience. You don’t have to put all of your imaging data in one place to make this possible. Instead, connect your viewer to the imaging data wherever it resides.

Overlay PACS Viewing

Prior studies. You can look across many different patient archives with federated queries.
Study timeline.
We can put it all together for you in one organized timeline.
Many monitors.
We support up to 4 high-brightness monitors for image display.
Integrated 3D.
Incorporated volumetric navigation and restoration of 3D saved states.

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